Monday, 11 April 2011

Workshop: Flipbook Animation

In this Workshop we were given the task to work in pair and come up with a animation piece made of hand drawn images.

 First we were asked to come up with a character, it could be anything. I ended up settling for a animated gun.

I then drew my gun from different angles so i had a good idea what it would look like from different positions

We were then asked to get in pairs and using both our characters come up with a story that include both of them. We created a quick key frame storyboard so we knew how the animation was going to look.

Frame still from the animation

Final animation movie, running at 12 fps

Me and sarah are both pleased with are animation and how it turned out, even though it took quite a bit of time, i'm glad we coloured it in as it just adds a bit of character to it

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