Monday, 11 April 2011

Muse- Knights of Cydonia

The music video was filmed as a thematic Spaghetti western film with post apocalyptic influence, complete with beginning and end credits, livened with the occasional kung fu cowboy or metal clad maiden astride a unicorn.

Even though it can be seen as a western there are many other reference that can be seen in the video such as kung fu elements , the two style together actually seem to work really well.

The video has numerous surreal images such a woman riding a unicorn. Furthermore seeing a desolate statue of liberty gives the video its post apocalyptic feel.  The use of laser guns  gives us an idea that this is set in the future or another timeline.

All in all its a wacky music video with lots of ideas bubbling around, But thats why i love it, its entertaining, exciting and keeps your attention throughout the 6 minute song.

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