Sunday, 10 April 2011

Chosen Words and reasoning

1. Hot
a lot of my words were related to heat however most of the other words were very selective and had a narrow vision. I wanted a word that could be used in many different contexts. Furthermore its a simple word which represents the kind of environment the song conjures  up when listening to it

2. Suspense
The song is very dramatic and the tempo and beat of the music for me makes it feel as if somethings about to happen, plus the flicker of music highs throughout the song keeps your attention as if it could change its tempo at any time. I also think its a good word to use for a story as you can create some kind of confrontation as that is what i have in mind.

With all the dramatic stuff at the beginning, the song soon mellows down into a very calm melody. To me the whole song is like an ending to a story. At the beginning of the story you have the event and then its like everything has been done and finishing up with the music slowly becoming less prominent and fading away.

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