Sunday, 10 April 2011

My Photogram

Step Test

To find the best exposure time for my photogram i did a step test to find the length of time that would give me the best result.
 This is my step test, with exposure time ranging from 5-30 sec with 5 second increments, looking at the results i can see that anything below 30 sec is not enough exposure time, furthermore even at 30 sec its not quite as dark as i want it, so when i do my photogram i will leave the exposure open for 40 sec.

This is the result i got for my photogram and i am reasonably happy with the results. What i really like is how the bullet and the badge have come out. They seem see-through. It works especially well with the bullets as it seems you can see the inside workings.
The gun is the most prominent thing on the design. i'm glad i only used part of the gun as using the whole thing would have been too much. It clear and in your face which is what a gun is like.

I enjoyed doing the photograms, however i feel for my idea it might not work as i want to convey the idea of the heat and landscape, and i feel the photograms just can't achieve this.

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