Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mental Images

I wanted to get across the mental images i had in my head so heres some pictures of what i have in mind when listening to the piece of music

 An environment where the landscape is hot, dry and dusty. Like a desert plain full of dry shrubs and cacti.

I can imagine the landscape to filled with the orangey red glow of the sun

 I can see a town within this environment, sort of like a ranch, old style like from the westerns set in the 1800's

Within these towns i imagine a bar where people gather but also have bar fights as well.

 Most citizens would be cowboys, with the attire such as a hat, jeans and boots, typical cowboy fashion

 Having a rough dirty look to them

And of course cowboy are synonymous with guns

This in the end makes me think of cowboys having a standoff within this hot western desert like environment.

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