Monday, 11 April 2011

Mad Max Franchise

They are a series of films that tell the story of the breakdown of society, murder and vengeance. The films are set in a dystopian future of Australia where law and order has begun to break down.
all in leather- a modern take on the cowboy image maybe

The films have this post apocalyptic/ punk style which popularised the genre in film and fiction writing.

I think these films can be seen as a modern take on the Western genre. You have the lone ranger (aka Max) taking on the punks (bandits) that are causing chaos.

 The location can be seen as similar; hot dry places where the idea of order is not clear, much like westerns
Although normal weapons are used, in these films the cars. bike are used as weapon much more prominently 
 wearing masks creates a persona of which you can hide behind

The Punk image has been in popular use in post-apocalyptic films: leather clad and coloured hair

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