Sunday, 10 April 2011

Visual Interpretation of The Song

 So i thought it would be a good exercise to try some techniques i learned in the other projects and try to produce a visual example of music using different forms.

To begin with i decided to go with a basic abstract look at the piece of music. To achieve this i listened to the song and using a continuous line i moved the pen up and down corresponding to the sound of the music. The peaks represent where the music is loud and erratic.

As you can see the start of the music is very different to that of the end. While it starts out loud and fast, it soon calms down and becomes much more mellow.

 This time instead of a continuous  line i decided to break the music into little dash marks. A new dash would be created whenever the music changed sound, note or tempo.

Once completed you could tell by the dashes that the beginning of the song is fast, loud and full of drama, whilst the second part is slower with much longer dash lines which represent a much calmer sound that doesn't change much.

 This design focuses on the tempo of the song, the more tightly packed the waves are the faster the sound of the music is.

It clearly shows that the middle part of the song is much slower , but during the last part of the song you notice the little flickers of tempo that catch your attention and keep you interested.

 Each squiggle shape represents the chaotic nature of parts of the song. Where the music is loud and in your face the shapes are larger.

Using Colour

 Just listening to the first few seconds of the song, you notice the music is like competing with itself. For example the music starts with a couple of instruments  playing a series of notes and then straight after the same notes are played but with a higher pitch, like its trying to outdo the previous one.

 With this piece i played the piece of music through and splashed different colours of paint on the sheet depending on how the music made me feel. if it was a happy, joyful feeling i would use warm colours; red oranges yellows etc. But when the music changed its tempo i switched to more darker colours, blues, browns, blacks as the second part of the song reminds me of something sad.

Furthermore the tempo of the song was an important part of this design. If the music was fast i did quick fire flicks at the sheet, however if the music was slow i would flick so hard and let the paint fall of the brush.

With this design i just wanted the brush to paint the picture, moving the brush to the song of the music, like before using colours related to the mood. The start of the song created sharp zigzag shapes whilst the second part had more of a wavy  look to it

Finally i wanted to create an overall picture of what the whole song said to me and for me to show my interpretation with paint strokes.

The idea behind the design is that whilst at the surface the song seems full of life, very vibrant, colourful and joyful in a way, there seems to be a much more deeper meaning to the song, one of sorrow, regret and sadness. This has been represented in the painting with a black core surrounded by the abundance of colour.

I'm glad i did these little experiments, they've helped me interpret the song much better and great for future use for when i come up with a storyline for my animation, as i can draw inspiration from what i've learnt.

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