Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Song of Two Halves

When listening to the part of track i'd been given, it became apparent to me that this song has two strong ideas that contrast each other.

To begin with, the start of the track is very up tempo, loud and in your face, theres lots of things going on at the same time. The arrangement of this part of the song reminded me of a climax of some sort, like an ending to a story. The concept i had in my mind was like a mexican standoff between two cowboys. This was further helped by the fact the music created this hot, dry wilderness style atmosphere. To me this part i can see this part of the song being set in some kind of desert environment where it is sunny, dry and baron.

The second part of the song is very different. The tempo and style changes, whereas the start was fast, upbeat and lively  the second half of the song has much more of a sombre tone to it, its much calmer and the slower tempo and quietness in sound create a sense of sadness.

To me i interpret this as something happening (first part of the song) and then a feeling of regret/ remorse over this action (second part). Furthermore this could be expanded on with the idea of maybe losing a loved one

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