Sunday, 10 April 2011


So after that bit of research i noted down some of the location where they would film the old westerns, so i thought it would be a good idea to look at them so i can visual inspiration for my project.


 The first thing i noticed is that it is quite a green landscape, lots of trees, plants grass and vegetation. The mountains give it this grand feeling. However when listening to my piece of music i visualise something hotter, a place more stark baron and dry.


The Texas landscape is a slight improvement. Its definitely seems a hotter place, there are also warmer colours within the landscape like the oranges and yellows which help create the sense of it being hot.

New Mexico

 Again i like this landscape. The colours are rich and you get that hot dry feeling from the pictures. However looking at these pictures i'm not to sure of the large patches of long grass. Its just something i didn't imagine this landscape in my head to have.


This is much more like it. This kind of landscape is pretty much exactly how i pictured it in my head. It has the perfect balance of a desert look, but still have planet features which adds a bit of detail to the landscape. plus the mountains also give the sense of vastness.


Utah is famous for its monument valley which is very awe- inspiring and would create a interesting backdrop to view. Also this landscape has a much deeper red colour to it, which gives the effects that its much hotter than the other location, a true wilderness setting

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