Sunday, 10 April 2011

Items For Photograms

We were told we would be creating our own photograms in the following session and that we should bring objects in to use.

Through my research so far i have this idea of some kind of desert environment, thats hot and baron but also a place where action takes place like cowboy gun fights. So this gave me the idea to bring in objects that might belong to a cowboy.

 The most obvious object was the guns, i went to the local fancy dress store and bought some guns, holster, bullets and a badge. I think these will be interesting objects as the gun is an iconic shape, and the bullets and badge are shiny so the results could produce something inspiring.

 Because of the hot whether in that environment, they would have worn eye protection of some sort such as sunglasses. Moreover if you didn't want to be recognised they may have wanted a mask, acting like a bandit. 

Some kind of bandana can be used to protect against the sandy, dusty environment. Also some prayer beads that they might wear especially in the american west.

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