Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Quick and the Dead

I thought i'd show this film as it is more modern than that of the previous films I've looked at, to see any noticeable difference that i could pick up on.

One thing i noticed was the speed of the camera edits, they are much quicker. The scene is very short compare to that of the old spaghetti westerns, which can are about 5 minutes this is all over in a matter of minutes.

 Again the camera is front on, showing both cowboys in the centre of the frame

 The camera quickly pans into both of their face. This is done very quickly, further more a 'dolly shot' is used so it looks like the background is getting further away whilst getting closer the cowboy, its a surreal look but it just adds to the buildup to the shoot out and achieves it very well

 Like many westerns I've watch this shot is a regular occurrence, but i think it used as its such an effective way of portraying the crucial moment wen the guns are fired.

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