Thursday, 5 May 2011

Putting music to my animation

This is my first attempt at placing music onto my animation, i wanted see what it would be like with just playing the song straight through.
I do think it works to some degree, however in some parts i feel that the music doesnt quite fit right with whats going on in the scene, its too quiet when it should be all dramatic for example . However further along in the song there are sequences in the song i feel will be perfect to go with my animation so i think i will try that next.

This is it, i love the way the music really fits in well with the video. The music goes in time with so many things such as the appearance of the text, when the gun is being fired and finally at the end when music slows down, its very fitting for the end of the story. Overall i'm really happy with this section of the song in my animation and i think will be used in my final piece

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