Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gun animation part 2

because i liked the result of my previous animation bit, i wanted to do similar thing, so i've added a scene where it shows the gun from front on. Again i'm going to be using the panels.

what i learnt from the last design was to have alot of excess of red, that way i could move it up and down for the differnt level, which mean i wouldnt have to create 3 seperate animation like i did with the last one. All i'd have to do is move the animation down the page a bit

animated together:

I will now add this to after effect 3 time so i can panel much like the previous animation piece

 Remember to use the mask tool i able to place all the panels with out any problems, you can see why i needed the long strip as i need to move the image at the top for one panle and near the bottom on another so i need to make sure the red filled the whole panel.

Again like the previous animated piece i staggered the starting times of each panel so they go off one by one.

Final Piece sequence

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