Thursday, 5 May 2011

creating mask- Development

Having Drawn a mask for one of my characters i went about designing it, and also seeing if i could improve the design.

 I started off by putting white strip across a blue mask, just to make it visually striking. Althou i loved the simplicity of the design, i felt it was lacking something i needed something more incorporating into the design.
 I removed some of the white and added a block or red to one of the side. I really like the use of the 3 colours. They compliment each other really well. I feel in this design the red is a little to prominent compared to the rest of the design.

 So i cut down on the red and decided to use strips of red instead. I've angled them so they are opposite to the white. Nice idea but i feel the red need to be something small and have a focal point.

 I put a strip across the eye gap, This way wen you are looking at the mask your eyes will be drawn to the eye hole of whoever is wearing the mask, i like this idea.

Capitalising on this design i then thickened up the line. However now when i looked at it the red strip is in the same angle to that of the white one and loses it visual appeal.

So i rotated the strip so it was portrait. The red looks better however i fear the angled white and straight red are 'battling' each other. i need them to compliment each other.

 so instead of a strip i used a diamond shape. I really like this idea. It small so it doesnt interfer with the white but because its red it still stands out.

Developing this idea i created this star shape. This helps focus in on the eye.

Made the strips a bit smaller so they looked neater. Although i do like this idea, i just want a bit more emphasis on the red

 So instead of diamond shapes i went back to strips. i think it work quite well, but i think I'm going to make the strips a little thinner as they take up to much space at the moment

 Thinned out the strips and made them longer. I like the thinner strips but not to keen on the longer size, it kind of loses focus

 This is perfect, the red is small, contained and focuses in on one of the eye. This design inspired me to come up with the characters name 'bullseye kid' and the cross looks like a target

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