Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bullet panels

In this scene i wanted a bullet to be travel through different panels on the screen, But crucially just going throught the panels and not the back background.

From what i learnt so far i thought the best way to do this was to create the bullet going through one panel on after effects

So to start with i create a simple image of a bullet

Then in after effects i create a red composition and using the timeline and keyframe created a simple straight path for the bullet to follow.

I then converted this into a quicktime movie

So now that i had one panel done, it was a simple case of reinserting this quicktime movie into after effects, copying 2 more times, downsizing the images so the all fit on the composition equally and neatly.

 Next came in the important task of judging when to start each panels animation to make it look like one continuous bullet moving through each panel. I tried to make sure the bullet size stayed the same size when going through the transition of each panel as that would help with the illusion


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