Thursday, 5 May 2011

animating characters

For the next scene in the storyboard it include images of the characters however it make it more interesting i want to animate them in some face, like have one of their feature moving.

For the gunslinger the most prominent thing i could animate is his toothpick, i could have swirling around in his mouth. To do this i separated the two pictures, so i have a picture of the gunslinger and a picture of the toothpick.

So i then opened up these images in after effects, i then placed where i wanted the toothpick to started, i then kept moving the timeline, then moving the toothpick to another position which created another key frame. After doing it a number of time i had an animated toothpick

i then made it into a quicktime movie

Animating Bullseye Kid

For the bullseye kid, i wanted to move his hair as its the most prominent thing in his design, furthermore it will give the impression of a gust of wind blowing by.

These are the two images, with the hair subtly changes. i will repeat the images so it gives it a back and forth motion.

This is what the result looks like

even though its simple just the slightest bit of moment helps bring the image to life

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