Thursday, 5 May 2011

attempt 2

So for this attempt i directed my research at the Dandy, it has a character called Desperate Dan, which has inspired me on how i could design the Gunslinger.

 What i really like about this design is the fact some of his features have been exaggerated such as his chin. By doing this you can help create a much more iconic character that people remember. So i think what i'm going to do it create some kind of caricature of my dad.

 Taking inspiration from the desperate dan character i did a sort of caricature of my dad,  exaggerating his features, making look more like a cartoon and also give him much more of personality as he look old, gritty and bad.

I then coloured the images basing the colour roughly on what my dad was wearing

I next need a background for the image, so looking at the photo of my dad a did a very rough version of the landscape, its basic and in a similar vein as to have I've drawn my dad so it doesn't look odd. I wanted the attention to be on my dad, not on the background which is why its kept simple.

I then combined both images together to get my animated version of the gunslinger :)

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